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Instructor Success Stories

Arghadip Kar

Meet Arghadip Kar, one of our top instructors. Arghadip is an ABAP / Workflow Architect who thrives on sharing his extensive SAP knowledge. He has authored over 12 courses on our platform already and his students have completed over 4000 lessons so far. He enjoys the 2nd income stream from his course but says that his main motivation is to help others with their SAP journey.

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Nicole Land

I was working 40-50 hours a week and traveling full time to clients, in addition to managing my home life,” said Nicole. “I wanted to publish content and I considered a YouTube channel, but I just did not have the time and energy to do that.” It was then that Michael Management found Nicole via LinkedIn and contacted her to see if she would be interested in producing on-demand training videos on their platform.

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How To Create Successful SAP Courses

Let us help you create the most amazing and successful courses. We put together an entire eBook to help you get started with the process. Download the eBook now and get answers to these questions:

How to Create Successful and Profitable SAP Courses
  • How can I create successful online courses?
  • What’s in it for me? How to build a recurring income stream?
  • How much money can I make?
  • What does the course creation process look like?
  • How do I market my courses?


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Our instructors are the best in the industry - from expert consultants to published authors and sought-after speakers. Learn from the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes a great instructor?

We're looking for people that truly enjoy sharing their expertise and have a passion for their chosen profession. You have an engaging presentation style, are well-spoken and can explain complex topics in simple terms. Many of our instructors are experienced consultants, published authors and sought-after speakers.

2. What's in it for me?

Our instructors are our business partners and, just like book authors, receive a royalty in perpetuity on their courses. Instructors work once to create a course and then collect an ongoing royalty. We take care of everything else, including providing the platform, marketing, fulfillment, admin, customer service. Our instructors can expect to supplement or even replace their current income by creating content on our platform.

3. How do I get started?

First, apply to be an instructor. Then we'll have a chat about you, your expertise, your ideas for courses. After that we'll ask you to send us a short 5 minute video clip of you presenting a topic so that we can see your enthusiasm and presentation style.

4. How long does it take to create a course?

It depends on a few factors. For example, if you already have a topic in mind and have a presentation ready-to-go, you can create a course in as little as a few hours. If you are starting from scratch or plan a big course it might take you a few days. Either way, we're here to work with you on your courses.

5. Will you help me?

Yes, absolutely. Once you sign up you will work with one of our content managers and editors on your first course. Once you've created a course, you'll see how easy it is and should be good to go for many more courses on your own. If you ever need any help with anything, we are here to help with hands-on advice.

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